Freelance Photography in Cumbria

Reliable, friendly and competitive freelance photography services in Cumbria.

I’m able to offer photojournalism, newspaper, corporate photography, on-location portrait shoots, or any other kind of private hire – whatever you need photographing or whomever you are you will get the same quality and friendly service here in Cumbria.

Why choose Photography NorthWest for your freelance work?

I have experience encompassing all aspects of freelance photography serving the press, commercial and private clients.
Clients I have worked for include BEC (British Energy Coast), Cumbrian Newspapers, UK Breaks, Home House Buyers, Caterham Graduates, Rosehill Theatre, Clear North, Coastal Charters, HFH London & Towergate, Sellafield Ltd, Copeland County Council, Solway Firth Partnership.

If you have a requirement for a photographer, whatever your requirements, I’ll be happy to talk to you.
So whatever the job, come and talk to us!

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